Developmental Exam

A comprehensive Developmental Vision Exam can determine if your child’s vision is interfering with reading comprehension and learning. Vision is a learned and developed skill that we must nurture throughout life. With the help of a Developmental Optometrist, it is possible to prevent vision problems by testing for a specific set of visual skills.

Binocular Vision Exam

  • Distance Vision: visual acuity (sharpness, clearness) at 20 feet distance.
  • Near Vision: visual acuity for short distance (specifically, reading distance).
  • Focusing Skills: the ability of the eyes to maintain clear vision at all distances.
  • Eye Tracking and Fixation Skills: the ability of the eyes to accurately and efficiently follow a line of print.
  • Binocular Fusion: the ability to maintain single vision.
  • Stereopsis: the ability to experience depth perception and peripheral vision.
  • Convergence: the ability of the eyes to aim, move and work as a coordinated team.
  • Color Vision: the ability to differentiate colors.

A complete assessment of your child’s Visual Processing skills is performed next. This includes visual memory, visual discrimination, hand-eye coordination, copy skills and handwriting, and visual spatial relations (understanding right and left side of the body & letter reversals). Understanding your child’s learning style is needed to provide a more accurate diagnosis and assist in determining the length of any individualized Optometric Vision Therapy program.

Visual Processing Evaluation

  • Reversal Frequency: confusing letters or words (b, d; p, q: saw, was; etc.)
  • Visual Memory: the ability to store and retrieve visual information.
  • Visual Form Discrimination: the ability to determine if two shapes, colors, sizes, or distances are the same or different.
  • Visual Motor Integration: the ability to develop hand-eye coordination for sports and handwriting.
  • Visual-Thinking: the ability to manipulate and organize what we see (helpful for math and spelling)
  • Timing-Rhythm-Motor Planning: We evaluate the auditory processing skills as they relate to the visual skills and motor skills; keeping a beat while clapping to a metronome.

To see if your child has any visual symptoms, take this Vision Quiz.

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